Since we put up a requests post we got swamped with tons of great ideas and tons of games.

Most of the requests are beyond our scope of knowledge but that doesn't mean you guys have to miss out.

If you or a friend is a talented programmer, hacker, iOS orientated and excels in xCode, please contact us!


We're looking for C++, JavaScript, Assemble, Perl, Ruby, HTML(5)/CSS(3) and terminal experts.

If you know a language, or have a talent, that we didn't suggest, let us know what you know and how it can benefit creating and presenting iGameHacks to our members!!!


geoDefense Swarm Hack

Removed all 'hint text'.
99999 Lifes.
$99999 Inital Cash.
All 6 towers on all maps.
All upgrades are $1.

Have fun.

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Post your Request for a Game Hack here!

Here at iGameHacks we have become bored, but amuzed & intruged.

We want to start taking requests from you, our readers, users & players.

Do you play a game that you just can't seem to beat that one boss, or those few levels?
Or even a game you've beaten 100 times but want to just have 100% of every thing?

Well now's your chance!

We are going to be adding some site features (a forum) for requests.

Once you request a hack, we will merge all post related to that game so we can make multipul kind of hacks.

DLC Unlockers, Level/Map Modifiers/Hacks, Stats Modifiers, etc.

It's about to get crazy in here!

Stay tuned for the new site but feel free to post a comment here and now, no matter what time you are reading this.

We will fulfill & acknowledge all requests.


Bloons TD4 Path Hack - v2.9

Click here for a preview of my mod! - YouTube

This hack renders bloons on any track to travel in a loop.

Upon the 3rd time your bloons reach the end of a track, your bloons will start to take away your hearts.

I figured this would still be entertaining, fun and maintain the challenging aspect of the game for some users who have a hard time completing some tracks on a Hard Difficulty.

I suggest the use of this modification NOT to exceed obtaining 10 Gold Medals.

By then, you can absolutely complete ANY track on a Hard Difficulty using those 6 upgrades.

Simply uninstall and all of the tracks will function normally.

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